Best Weighted Compression Shirt – Titin Weighted Shirt System

At first glance, the Titan weighted shirt system does appear to pack some serious weight into it.

It claims to increase the potency of your workout several times over.

And it really does look impressive.  But what is more important is how it performs.

Can it really live up to the claims?

Let's drill down to the facts and take a closer look here.

The Titan Weighted Shirt - A Different Kind of Workout System.

By using moisture-wicking spandex, the shirt has 14 pockets strategically situated around the upper body to add eight pounds of weight to your regular workout routine.

Although to some, 8 lbs may not sound like much - we actually found some of the most hardened workout enthusiasts swear by this shirt.

What was easy before, becomes increasingly difficult-- but that’s the beauty of it!

The increased weight resistance forces you to work much harder than you might expect.

Think of this like a gravity shirt.

By increasing the weight going against gravity, your muscles must work harder to meet the resistance. As a result, you will develop muscle memory that expects to work harder under this "new normal" environment.

When you take the shirt off, your muscles don’t expect the environmental change.

This results in your muscles getting stronger, your body becoming faster due to added strength, and overall much better toned.

The People Behind the Titan Weighted Shirt

The entire idea behind the tight shirt is to increase athletic performance-- something they do an excellent job with. One of the primary things we look for before buying any product is information on the people behind it.

We usually look for an about me page or something along the same lines.

So, we visit the website, and look for transparency. We try to see if the people behind it stand by their product by putting their faces and their names on the website telling us who they are.

We were not disappointed.

We were able to find the entire team with their pictures and email addresses right there on the site. For many companies, this is not common practice.

Often we find an “about me” page that only shares a very vague description of their “mission statement” with very little information about the actual people behind the product. For a company to show this kind of transparency indicates that they truly believe in their own product.

What to Expect and How It Works

The shirt works exactly as you might assume. It strategically adds 8 pounds of extra weight around the upper body, forcing you to work harder than ever to achieve the same athletic milestones.

The result is phenomenal.

When you take the shirt off, athletic performance is significantly improved.

The moisture wicking material is guaranteed not to leave a rash, even though it is form fitting and is very comfortable.

At first, you will generate a love/hate relationship with the shirt.

As you wear it and as you’re working harder, you’ll be tempted to take it off because of the extra work is forcing you to do. But of course you know that if you don’t keep it on, you won't get the benefits for promised.

The real motivation comes when you begin to see improvement athletic performance, which begins almost immediately.

You may not SEE any results on the first day, but your body will FEEL it.

All in all, 8 pounds may not sound like much, but as you use it, the shirt can become very heavy.

The shirt is washable, the gel is removable, and it’s very easy to care for.

You can use the gels cold or hot to soothe tired muscles. I tried them warm and was not disappointed. It’s almost like stepping into a sauna.

What Users of this Shirt Have Said

When reading the reviews about the shirt, the only real negative comment we came across was the price. However, we have not come across any report that the price wasn’t worth it.

It is considered expensive, ranging from $249 to $309. But keep in mind that the company claims the Tintin shirt will last 8 to 10 years.

One reviewer said they’ve had it for over five months under daily use, and it still loooks and works like brand-new.

Actual User Comments:

"Awesome.. weights are exactly where they need to be to develop the body. .. great to do sit ups and push ups."

-By Sheldon G Hulse on December 23, 2014

"This 8-pound shirt gives you a pretty intense workout on your hikes, really works your upper body, but your legs will feel the workout more than anything."

-By Adam Meza on April 24, 2014

What to Watch Out For

The shirt will probably see you spending more than $200.

Sure, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but no other shirt is as expertly engineered.

Remove the gel inserts and wash by hand. That may seem like kind of a pain but when they are machine washed, they tend to fold in on themselves in the wash.

Buying Advice

Check on Amazon!  


Because Amazon has a world-class customer service team coupled with their no questions asked return policy, makes them the best place to purchase the shirt. Amazon holds merchants responsible for their products, and I would not buy this online anywhere else.


The Titan weighted shirt system did exactly as advertised.

You’ll build up to intense bursts of speed, effective sit-ups, more powerful push-ups, and improved overall athletic performance. You will not be disappointed.

Shop Amazon for Tintin Weighted Shirt

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