Coffee Boosts Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism with Coffee

Coffee to Lose Weight Fast?

The Truth about Coffee Boosting Your Metabolism

Over the years, coffee has been used by people, especially athletes, to enhance performance and fight against fatigue.

But does coffee also boost your metabolism?

Yes, it sure does!

It's no wonder that caffeine is present in most weight loss supplements, as it facilitates more rapid weight loss.

As a matter of fact it uses several mechanisms to give a boost to your metabolism.

Read on, and you will be amazed at how coffee actually does increases your metabolism.

Coffee Burns off Excess Fat

While burning off calories is part of how you will lose weight, it's even more important that your stored fats are targeted for burning off. Without that, there simply won't be any notable weight loss.

The caffeine in coffee effectively helps to do this in two important ways:

• Stimulation of your Nervous System

Caffeine affects your sympathetic nervous system by triggering the release of adrenalin and its actions of neurons. This leads to more rapid nerve transmission, which causes stronger muscle contractions.

• Triggers your Adrenal Glands to Generate More Epinephrine:

When epinephrine, which is youre flight or fight hormone, is released it spurs fatty acids to also get released into your bloodstream. This will accelerate burning of your body fat.

Coffee Boosts M​etabolism

Your metabolic rate is measured by the rate at which calories are burnt at rest.

This is often referred to as resting metabolic rate, or basal metabolic rate.

The burning rate differs based on a number of factors, one being your lean muscle mass.

Now what if you knew you could actually increase your metabolic rate without physical exercise? Well, with coffee, you can!

Back in 1995, The Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism published the report of a study conducted which analyzed the effect of coffee on people's metabolic rate.

Persons who took coffee containing 200mg caffeine recorded a boost in their metabolic rate by 3 - 11% increase. A large percentage of the increased fueling was attributed to fat oxidation in the blood.

The American Journal of Physiology published another research which reported a metabolism rate at 29% in individuals with lean muscles, while in obese individuals, the increase stood at 10%.

Then, The American Journal of Physiology published another study comparing the results for metabolism rates in older and younger men.

The result revealed that both groups had the same thermogenic outcome after consuming caffeine. However, the younger men released more fatty acids which lead to higher metabolism.

Coffee Enhances Performance

Although the increase to your metabolism may not be direct, what is interesting is the boost to your physical performance from caffine is what will improve your metabolism.

This is especially true is you perform weight lifitng workouts because your muscle cell mitochondria becomes more effective at burning fat for energy, making and keeping you leaner.

So it's understandable why many athletes choose to have a caffeine rich drink or supplement just before a workout. It delivers an increased firing rate of the sympathetic nerves and improved muscle contraction - which also leads to burning more calories and therby improves metabolism.

Final note About Coffee and Metabolism

Now you know that coffee is highly efficient at delivering a boost to your metabolism, and burning off more calories even when you are not doing any physical activity.

Also, coffee increases thermogenesis (calories used for heat), which is evident in the raised body temperature of caffeine users.

But take your coffee black. Adding in the creamer and sugar will end up hindering the fat-burning effect because insulin gets involved.

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