10 Easy Weight Loss Hacks

How to lose weight naturally, without exercise.

Coming up are my best fat losing tips and are how I lost 10 pounds without a lot of effort. Plus I was able to still able to indulge in most of my favorite foods.

1. Use a Salad Plate

Control your portions by using a salad plate for your main meals.

Most dinner plates will look too big and empty when you don't fill them.

Divide your little salad plate in half and fil that half with salad or steamed vegetables (not covered in butter or other fats).  

Put a portion of healthy protein on one quarter of the plate. Use the last quarter of the plate for a healthy, complex carbs or just add more veggies.

When your eyes see a full plate, you will feel fuller faster, even when that plate is smaller. This way, you won't overeat.

2. Fill up on High Fiber Foods

Do what I do by eating more high fiber foods which will fill you up and are low in calories.

Foods like sweet potato and oatmeal mixed with chia seeds (not the instant kind) and apples are great examples.

All the foods I choose from this category fill me up while also helping me to eat healthier!  

It’s an awesome way to lose weight naturally while getting all the benefits of fiber.

3. Have a Healthy Protein Shake

Planning food for every single meal can be difficult for most busy people. A great way to get around this problem is to have a meal replacement protein shake. 

However, not just any protein shake will do.

To be a TRUE meal replacement, the shake will need to provide you with enough calories and nutrients.  Without that, you will be starving your body of the nutrients needed to provide you with energy.

In fact, replacing 2 meals a day with the right kind of protein shake is the EASIEST way to be lazy, still feed your cells with high nutrition AND lose weight without effort.

As long as you don't go nuts and eat too much for snacks or your third main meal!

Check out what I use and always depend on to replace one or two meals a day right here: Best Meal Replacement Shakes

4. Pack Your Lunch & Snacks for Work

You can win to battle and control what you DON"T want to eat when you bring your lunch from home.

It will save you from eating high calorie, junky, fattening fast food and will also save you some money.

Try to bring your lunch and one or two healthy 100 calorie snacks for most days of the week.

5. Make Eating Right Convenient

After you have shopped for and brought home all those healthy food choices - prep them!

In fact, you should get to it as soon as you bring your groceries into the house.

Wash and cut up your fruits and veggies, then place them in a clear container in your refrigerator.

This way, when you are looking for a snack you won't have to prep anything. You can just open the fridge, grab the container, pop it open, and nom nom nom!

Always have some hummus, yogurt, and fresh salsa around because they pair so well with many fruits and veggies.

Making healthy foods super convenient will just make it easier to lose weight naturally.

6. Don't Stock Junk Food at Home

This is almost a no-brainer and a total must if there is something you can’t control yourself around.

Don't stock it in your pantry or fridge. For me, one biggie is ice cream. And whip cream is another.

When I want a crunchy and salty snack, I skip usually the potato chips and opt for hot air popped popcorn.

NEVER eat microwave popcorn. Not if you want to lose weight and protect your health.

Hot air popped corn is really low in calories and surprisingly chock-full of healthy nutrients.

Researchers at the University of Scranton in PA reported back in 2012 that popcorn has more antioxidant substances called polyphenols than fruits and vegetables. 

Now, I have to admit that I do drizzle a tablespoon of butter on top and sprinkle some spicy stuff on it. Or, add nutritional yeast (it tastes like cheese). The tiny bit of butter helps the spices or yeast stick. 

Just be ware of the added calories. 

7. Portion Out Everything You Eat

This is especially going to help you if you tend to snack out of a bag or box. You'll end up eating and eating without any real clue as to how much you've consumed.

Read the label and see how many calories are in a portion. Then grab a small bowl or cup and fill it with the snack in the appropriate portion.

This is how you can stop yourself from overeating fattening foods but still allows you to have some of those foods you just don't want to give up completely. 

8. Eat Slower and Chew More

Don't rush when you are eating. Try to be mindful of every bite you take. Chew your food thoroughly and really savor the taste of it. 

It's actually much better for your digestion when you chew your food to the point when it's mixed with so much saliva, it tastes almost diluted!  

This is actually releasing a lot of digestive enzymes found in your saliva. According to experts at Ohio State University, you should chew softer foods (like fruit) 5-10 times, and more dense foods (meats) as much as 30 times before swallowing.

Lastly, when you slow down your eating, you will feel fuller sooner - so you will eat less.

9. Replace Soda and Juice with Water

You might shock yourself if you ever take the time to add up the number of calories you are drinking from sodas and fruit drinks. 

If you are drinking several of these a day, you can easily cut out 300 to even 1000 fattening calories by cutting these out completely. 

Stick with mostly drinking spring water or filtered water.

If you need your fizzy drinks (like I do) stick with something like Perrier. It's zero in calories, low sodium and even has flavored options like Pink Grapefruit and Lime. 

Also, drink some fat burning herbal tea like green tea, but without any added honey, sugar or milk.

10. Just Get Up and Walk more

You might want to get a FitBit to help you with this so you can track how many steps you take. What gets measured gets done.

All that means is... you can track how much (or little) you actually walk each day.

Say it reads 6000 steps for your typical day. Based on that, you might target 12000 steps. And the only way you will know if you are hitting that goal is by measuring. My FitBit pedometer makes this super easy to do.

And you can easily add more steps to your day by just parking further away from your destination in the parking lot. At work, at the grocery store ... any place you need to park, then walk.

Take the stairs at work or in your condo or apartment building. 

The more you get yourself moving, the more calories you will burn without actually doing a full blown workout like jogging or going to the gym.

Walking off more calories will help you lose weight naturally without too much extra effort.

In summary

By adopting all of the above tips, was able to drop 10 pounds very easily. And when I wanted to lose a few pounds more, I added more exercise and cut out more of the indulgence foods to make that happen.

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