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What Does Beetroot Juice Do for Health and Weightloss?

Is there really a benefit to drinking beetroot juice for your HEALTH and to boost WEIGHT LOSS?

Before we dig into that, you should know that there is more than one kind of beet root.

Even though you might recognize beetroot as being red, you should know that you can also find it in a yellow (or golden) and white color.

They are all just as healthy.

So don't think you are limited to only using red beets.

Creating beet juice simply requires running the beetroot through a juice machine to extract the liquid.

When consumed fresh, this juice contains many vital nutrients that you can benefit from.

But, the Mayo Clinic states that there's actually little scientific evidence that juicing veggies (and beets) is the healthiest option. They suggest eating the whole vegetable to get the fiber.

So, why should you do it?


It’ is the easiest and most effective way to get essential nutrients absorbed into your body. 

Juicing helps in a big way since so many people struggle to eat enough vegetables on a daily basis.

Most of you are not getting enough of the valuable, health supporting nutrients from raw vegetables into your day.

Juicing makes that much easier to accomplish and is often a more enjoyable way to get your veggie quota filled!

Face it.... the reality is, you simply won't consume the volume of vegetables that is yielded from even just one tall glass of juice.

Another advantage to juicing it that it makes the nutrients a lot more digestible by the body.

This is because the nutrients are extracted from the vegetables with less of the obstructing fibers (fiber slows down absorption).

And raw beet juice in particular allows you to take in crucial nutrients that you will lose when cooking them. 

Beet Juice Nutritional Value

Just a 300 ml (10 oz) glass of beet juice delivers:

  • 27 grams of carbohydrates
  • 3.5g of protein
  • 975 mg potassium
  • 0.32g of fat
  • 6g of fiber

Beetroot is also vastly rich in many other nutrients.

It's packed full of healthy nitrates, cancer fighting antioxidants, and even has folate (B9), iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, plus vitamin B-6, and vitamin C

Now, even though beet juice is great for your health, try not to go over the top with drinking too much of it because that can lead to a laxative effect.

We are all different and you may or may not be easily affected by drinking beetroot juice. While one may drink a large amount without ever experiencing any real side effects, another will be tremendously affected.

How much is too much to drink?

There are different medical studies that recommend different daily doses.

Most recommendations fall into the range of 63 ml (2 oz) of beetroot juice a day to 500 ml (16 oz) of beetroot juice a day.

I believe it is best to start with the lower serving size and mind your body's reaction to it.

Red beets may even turn your urine red!

If you don't happen to have any unpleasant side effects, then you can kick it up a notch. 

Top Health Benefits for Drinking Beetroot Juice

  • Better Blood Flow

As mentioned before, beets are high nitrate food. They actually turn into nitrites with the help of your mouth bacteria. Those nitrates are what will increase the blood flow to your brain.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Another positive effect of the high nitrates in beets is how they also help to decrease blood pressure. Research has found that consuming 2 glasses of beet juice daily can reduce your blood pressure significantly.

  • Detoxifies Your Liver

The betaine (an amino acid) found in beetroots is known to support healthier liver function. When you improve the health of your liver, a positive chain reaction happens. 

Better liver function  can aid with reducing muscle aches or pains, and can help with body composition changes such as fat loss and muscle gain.

  • Fights Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Red beets have significant amount of iron. Eating beets and drinking raw beet juice helps your body to increase the number of red blood cells. Adding a daily dose of beetroot juice to your diet can aid with the prevention and treatment of anemia. 

  • Beneficial for Your Muscles

Research has shown that drinking beet juice can help to increase muscle strength and power. this is probably why it is popular with athletes to incorporate into their daily diet regimen to attain better performance results.

  • Great for Your Skin

Beets are a wonderful and natural anti-aging food. It is thanks to the rich amount of folate which fights wrinkles and even other skin problems. When you drink beet juice on daily basis, you will begin to notice your skin will have a healthier glow.

  • Possible Natural Cancer Treatment

Beetroots have been used in Europe as a cancer treatment for centuries. It has anti-tumor effect due to its high iron content, which helps regenerate red blood corpuscles that feed the cells with more oxygen to kill the cancer cells.

The higher oxygen improves cellular respiration, protects your cells and promotes the regenerating of new ones.

  • Cures Constipation

Beetroot juice is known for helping with general digestive problems and improving your metabolism. The strong digestive effect of beet root makes them a terrific natural cure for constipation.

  • Improves Your Mood and Mental State

When you make beetroot juice with the greens, it contains both betaine and tryptophan. Betaine, known also as TMG (trimethyl glycine), enhances the ability of our brain to maintain sufficient levels of the "feel good" hormones serotonin and dopamine.

While Tryptophan will bring your brain feelings of calm, relaxation, and sleepines. Together, they deliver a relaxing influence on your mind. 

  • Reduces Inflammation

Since beetroot is loaded with antioxidants; your immune system will be improved and that will help fight inflammation.

Beetroot Juice and Losing Weight

Another powerful antioxidant found in beets is Betacyanin. It can actually help to remove the fatty deposits from your blood stream.

It can help to reduce your food cravings because it has a low glycaemic load. All that means is that your body will slowly convert it to energy and it won't jolt your bloodstream with sugar.

Maintaining stable boold sugar is key to the avoiding spikes and sugar lows that can lead to craving sugary or fatty foods.

Beetroot is also loaded with insoluble fiber -  known as roughage. This is the type of fibre that your body can't digest and it helps to fill you up.

Plus insoluable fiber has no calories.

That feeling of fullness will prevent you from wanting to eat more.

And since you can't digest the insoluable fiber, it eventually moves out of your stomach and later becomes part of the bulk that passes through your colon as waste material.

So in addtion to keeping your tummy feeling full without calories, the insoluable fiber in beets will also benefit your colon by making your stool bulkier, softer, and making bowel movements easier.

But you will get the greatest fiber benfits from beets by drinking whole beetroot juice instead of extracted juice.

In other words - don't run your beetroot through a juicing machine if you want the maximum amount of fiber.

Instead, you should make a whole juice by using a high powered blender. Just drop in the beets, some water, a few ice cubes and let the blender rip! 

To make it taste better and to boost the nutrition even more, you can add in some carrots, celery and even apple and orange pieces. It's kind of similar to making a beetroot smoothie. And it won't be missing any of the fiber that will help you lose weight.

See how to make whole juice using a Vitamix blender here (it's the 2nd video): How to Best Use a Vitamix


So there you have it... beetroot juice CAN help you lose weight.

It will help fight bad food cravings, keep you feeling full longer so you will eat less and it will benefit your body in many other ways.

Now, go get some beets and add them to your diet on a daily basis.

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