10 Easy Weightloss Hacks to Lose Fat Naturally Without Working Out

10 Easy Weight Loss HacksHow to lose weight naturally, without exercise.Coming up are my best fat losing tips and are how I lost 10 pounds without a lot of effort. Plus I was able to still able to indulge in most of my favorite foods.1. Use a Salad PlateControl your portions by using a salad […]

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What Does Beetroot Juice Do for Health and Weightloss?

beetroot juice health benefits

Is there really a benefit to drinking beetroot juice for your HEALTH and to boost WEIGHT LOSS? Quick Navigation Beet Juice Nutritional ValueHow much is too much to drink?Top Health Benefits for Drinking Beetroot JuiceBeetroot Juice and Losing Weight Before we dig into that, you should know that there is more than one kind of beet […]

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Healthy Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies

These cookies fit the bill when I was craving cookies, but wanted a healthy option that was also quick to whip together. I had powerful want for some cookies and I didn’t want to go through a big production to take care of that want! So this little recipe was quite the blessing to find. But I […]

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Can You Boost Your Metabolism with Coffee?

Coffee Boosts Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism with CoffeeCoffee to Lose Weight Fast?The Truth about Coffee Boosting Your MetabolismOver the years, coffee has been used by people, especially athletes, to enhance performance and fight against fatigue.But does coffee also boost your metabolism? Yes, it sure does! It’s no wonder that caffeine is present in most weight loss supplements, as it facilitates […]

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6 Awesome Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Your Health

coffee benefits

​6 Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Your HealthCoffee has been one of the world’s most popular hot beverages for a long time. Of all time!! However, the misconceptions are a plenty when it comes to this this drink.  But that’s really no surprise due to the fact a great deal of studies over time have shown both negative […]

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Just 3 Ingredient Chocolate Banana Cake Gluten-Free

Chocolate is the most popular indulgence in the world. And many chocolate lovers adore a rich chocolate cake.  But when you want to lose weight, this treat is normally off limits because it’s full of bad fats and refined sugar. So if  you are a hopeless chocoholic, this recipe may just be the thing for you to […]

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Workout Arms at Home or Anywhere

Get yourself some resistance bands and you can workout just about anywhere. Resistance bands take up virtually no space, and weigh nex to nothing. Perfect to store in a drawer or take in your suitcase to when you travel.RESISTANCE BAND BENT-OVER ROWTake your resistance band and step on it with one foot. Or, use both your […]

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Best Weighted Compression Shirt – Titin Weighted Shirt System

At first glance, the Titan weighted shirt system does appear to pack some serious weight into it. It claims to increase the potency of your workout several times over. And it really does look impressive.  But what is more important is how it performs.Can it really live up to the claims?  Let’s drill down to the […]

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